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I Guess I Am A Redneck Cook

I am always looking for ideas on what to feed my picky children. If I had my way I would eat gourmet meals but grew tired of the chants of "ewww gross!". So I get a book on family meals and almost every one of the meals looks gross. I look online for healthy family meals and again everything looks disgusting. I guess I prefer the fake redneck food.

Part of it comes from the fact I had a meat and potatoes dad and four brothers who would protest worse than any of those occupiers on Wall Street if my mother dared to serve us "health foods". Organic food crap didn't exist, no seafood (I didn't discover that was a good thing until Prom Night), and squash and pumpkin were forbidden. I remember a certain relative throwing a fit over eating zucchini when I was real small. (I will let you guess who it was!)

Part of it is because in my family we were taught to question everything. I think that is why one of us got into nutrition and the other is a scientist. This has…