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Husbands Say the Darndest Things

Husbands just don't understand pregnancy. They don't get and sometimes say the silliest things. I am patient with those weird comments up until the last month, and now to be honest I don't have patience anymore!! Here are some weird comments that really annoy me. Remember, I am in my last month, so what annoys me may not annoy the average person. Also, because of my bad back, I can't do a lot of things in the house so my husband who is from a very macho culture has to help out more. He also works at home telecommuting for an internet company. He helps out a lot and I thank him, but some of the comments annoy me and at the same time make me laugh.

1. "But I hate to do dishes" (like I LOVE doing them!)
2. "I don't know how to cook hamburger helper" (read the box!)
3. "Why did you stay up all night? You need to go to bed."
4. "You clean up better than I do"
5. "It is not hot. Turn down the air conditioner."
6."What is f…

Another Late Night

I am still too scared to try the ambien. Sleeping pills scare me. I stayed up until 4:30 AM. I worked on my account to try to get my mind off of the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I still got contractions here and there and eventually they went away. I slept propped up on pillows on the couch with the fan blowing right in my face to keep cool. I forgot to put my breathing strip on my nose so I had trouble breathing. I finally got some sleep, and later I took a nap so I feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Late Night Contractions

I bragged to my doctor today about not getting any contractions. Boy!! Did I speak too soon. It is 1:30 AM and I am getting some pretty bad contractions. They have been coming every two mintues. I will try walking around and drinking water and hopefully they will go away. I never had labor on my own. I have always been induced so these contractions are more than likely Braxton Hicks.

34 Weeks Check Up

Today I went to the doctor for my 34 weeks check up. I was able to walk to my appointment this time which pleased my doctor. My belly measured perfect and the baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. The only scary moment came when my midwife ran out of the room quickly after checking the baby's heartbeat. I was scared for a couple of minutes wondering what was wrong. Usually a doctor only runs out when something is wrong and they need to discuss the problem with another doctor before telling you the bad news. Two minutes felt like an eternity before my midwife returned with a bag of ambien samples. I was too relieved and in shock to complain.

I will get another ultrasound in two weeks to see if I can be induced.

I did my exercises only once today mainly because it hurt too bad to sit down. The stretches really helped out. I have to do the yoga pose called the cat and hip rotations. After doing those poses I feel like I had a massage. I also take a hot shower before going to bed to re…

The Last Month

Since I am nearing my last month of pregnancy, I will try to post everyday. A lot happens the last month and I really want to document what I went through and how I prepared for the new arrival.

Right now my daughter is going through my son's old baby clothes. I still haven't washed them or the toys. My husband ordered some detergent online three weeks ago and we still haven't got it. We also haven't received our bulk order of size four diapers for my son either and we are quickly running out of diapers. I really don't want to use Tide for the baby stuff. Tide makes me itch so I can't imagine what it would do to the baby.

I still need to buy a stroller, a rocking chair, a place to store baby clothes, and some nursing gowns and clothes. My husband and I also really want to buy a new mattress.

I went to physical therapy today. I was in pain most of my session. The therapist told me to rest because she thinks I overdid it last week. My hips were in pretty bad shap…

Leg Cramps

Last night I woke up in tremendous pain. I had one of those awful leg cramps that plague me during the third trimester. I felt like a shark was biting my leg! I tried hitting it. I rubbed it, and finally I just screamed. It went away after a couple of minutes, but I am still sore. I can't point my toe in fear that it will tense up again. I know it is nothing because I have had them before. I think with Victoria I had them the worst.

I also have a lot of pelvic pressure, but no contractions. I called the doctor and she said that I should be fine. I go Wednesday to the doctor and tomorrow to the physical therapist. I will be taken good care of the next month.

I found my bouncy seat and my swing at my mom's house over the weekend. I also found some nice clothes for little boys, and some little baby shoes. I still have a lot of organizing to do in my apartment. I have no idea where I will fit all of my baby things.

I have already started nesting. Even with pelvic pain and pressure…

Physical Therapy

Because I have a loosening of the hips, the doctor referred me to the physical therapist. I finally went today. I was a little nervous about going, not sure if it was going to really help me out. Nobody told me that deep tissue massage was part of the therapy!! If I had known that I would have asked my doctor to refer me earlier!!

All during my pregnancy I have felt so much pressure and pain in my pelvic area. I would day dream about someone jumping on my lower back anything to get rid of that pressure! On top of the pressure, my pelivc area and hips have completely loosened and sometimes I can't even walk.

It was great to go to the therapist today and get thirty minutes of deep tissue massage to relieve the pressure and strengthen the muscles. I will go twice a week and have an hour of therapy a week. I will not only do massage but will do some exercises as well.

I will also say that thank goodness that I am a more flexible than some. I was able to stretch pretty big with no pain.…

Doctor Check Up

My experience was terrible! While walking to the room for my 32 weeks check up my hips went out of place. The nurse had to help me walk to the room and after the appointment she had to push me in a wheelchair. I have to go to physical therapy now and the plan is that I will be induced in 6 weeks. I feel horrible due to mild dehydration and constipation and now I have trouble walking.

Well, the good news is, only 6 more weeks!!

Will write more later!!

Why Do Pregnant Women Rub Their Bellies?

I rub my belly to stop the pain. My baby is digging his feet into my stomach and pushing with all of his might. I am not really rubbing but rather kind of pushing his feet off of my gall bladder.

How would you answer this question?

32 Weeks Gone by Slowly

I finally have reached 32 weeks out of breath and ready to give up! My body has finally given up and my ligaments have given out. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk, and it even hurts to lie down. I also notice that my blood pressure has gone up slightly (but still way below 140).

I still have two other kids to raise, so I have learned to be creative. My four year daughter and two year old son help me unload the dishwasher. They bend over and pick up the dishes, and I can then easily put them away. My daughter swiffers the floors. It is a lot of fun for her! I can't bend over and pick things up so I roll around in my computer chair and my kids pick things off of the floor and I put them up. My husband does all of the hard stuff like vacuuming and making beds. Now he has to do groceries and some cooking. We cook instant meals like hamburger helper or frozen stir fry meal in the bags. I also have back up food in the freezer to thaw out and cook. I sometimes still fe…

Confessions of a Pregnant Caffeine Addict

I know many people say that you should not have caffeine. But OH how it makes my day go by easier. I only drink caffeinated sodas, iced down, three or four times a week. I am 31 weeks pregnant with two small children and have no energy. I felt guilty but to relieve the guilt I found out that it would take over 20 cups of Pepsi a day to cause problems for a baby. I think that would damage me as well. One piece of advice though; caffeine does dehydrate you, bad thing for the summer. I make sure to drink extra water on the days I drink a soda. Too much caffeine can also aggravate restless legs syndrome and cause bladder problems. I have had both (still have restless legs syndrome) so I really try to drink plenty of water. I notice a banana helps too. Cranberry juice does nothing to help.

Yes, I am bad. I even know what to do to allow myself to drink a soda every once in a while. It is a bad habit, but it helps me get through those days that I can't stand the mess anymore!! (I think I…

Don't Leave Home Without Them!!

One thing I learned the hard way about the third trimester of pregnancy. . . don't leave home without your Tums!! I have had really bad heartburn and twice was stuck out without my precious, precious Tums. Oh, the agony of heartburn!

I have heard an old wives' tale that a lot of heartburn means you will have a hairy baby. That has been true for me in the past. I will be expecting a boy with a full head of hair this September!

Becoming a Stroller Snob

I usually buy baby things on a budget, but for some strange reason I have become a stroller snob. Maybe being in New York watching Manhattanite nannies stroll spoiled babies in designer strollers had a negative affect on me. Or perhaps it is the fact that I have been through two strollers already and hurt my back carrying the last one.

I want a lightweight aluminum stroller with either a bassinet or a pram feature. I have been cringing my nose at American brands wanting only an Italian made stroller. To be honest though, the Italian made stroller ARE better, but the price is so high. The bugaboos (not Italian but $700-$800) are too much for me, and I don't live in NYC anymore so they are unnecessary for my current lifestyle. The Italian ones however, aren't too much out of my price range.

I have never been a snob about baby things. I have no idea why I want a certain brand now. I want the Peg Perego. The one with the pram feature. I feel like a brat demanding such a thing whil…

31 Weeks and Swollen Feet!!

I am now 31 weeks!! Wow! Time has gone by so quickly. I have a name for my son, Aron Charles and even finished my baby registry. I am slowly getting my home ready for the baby and am now renting a washer and dryer so that we don't have to go to the laundromat anymore.

I am feeling fine but this is the first time I had a problem with swollen feet. I saw a doctor for a cold and while there asked about my red swollen feet. He said they were fine, not too swollen, and that swollen feet is common in women pregnant in the summer. He told me to stay off of my feet as much as possible, rest, and drink plenty of water. Fortunately, my husband is giving me regular massages so that helps a lot too. I always had babies in the winter, so this is a new experience for me.