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Second Trimester. . .No Sweat!

I am in my second trimester. The second trimester is the easiest time of pregnancy, at least for me. I have lots of energy and can eat a lot without feeling too sick. However, there are some problems. . . some real embarrassing problems.

Right now my problem is excessive sweating. I have to turn up the air and sit in front of a fan. If I don't I will sweat until it literally hurts. No more synthetic fabrics! I now have to stick to cotton clothing and socks. Even flip flops and sandals make my feet too hot. I prefer to wear socks.

I thought I was strange until I read in a pregnancy magazine about others excessively sweating. There wasn't a lot of suggestions but the magazine did suggest lots of water.

I know I need to drink a lot of water, but I am so tired of using the bathroom every thirty minutes or so. This is especially tiresome at night.

So I am going through the uncomfortable trials of the second trimester, but hey, at least I am not going through the first or third!!

I fina…

Third Child Panic

I have always thought that the third child would be easier. It is not. I realize that it is harder to connect with this pregnancy than with the others and I rarely feel it move. I am at 17 weeks though. I also have that fear that after having healthy pregnancies one right after another, this one might not be so healthy. Especially after witnessing so many friends go through miscarriages and still births.

I am desperate to get an ultrasound. I wish I could get one weekly to make sure my baby is ok. I know you can buy a heart monitor to check on the baby's heartbeat. It drives me crazy not knowing what is going on in there!

I asked my mother, who has five children, if this is normal. She told me she had the same feeling with her third. She said you are so busy caring for your other two children you don't notice the baby move as much and after a while you begin to panic when you can't remember feeling your baby move.

There isn't much written about the third, fourth, or fif…

A name

I joined the site The website helps you decide what to name the baby. Then everyone can vote on it. A kind of American Idol for naming your baby. That is how the website describes itself.

So far I like the names Hana and Layla. I also like Alena as well. For boys, gosh, I don't know. So far I like Aydin, but I think that sounds a little too wimpy.

Wish me luck!!

pregnancy poll

What do you think it will be? What size? When will it be born?

This is what I have so far.

JJ Boy 7'15 22in September 22
Melissa Girl 8'0 20 in September 15
Sarah Jane Girl 7'13 20 in September 25

Modesty in Maternity

I am having a difficult time finding maternity clothing. It seems that the current trend in maternity clothing is low cut and tight. I went to Motherhood maternity and could not find one shirt that covered my growing bosom. Instead of being flattering, I looked like I was hanging out my clothes. I can imagine at 9 months, the shirts would be so tight that you can see the baby's foot moving under the shirt!

I used to love maternity clothing. Of course, in the past, I was pregnant in the winter. I had nice jackets, slacks and shirts. I thought I looked better pregnant than not.

This year, no luck! I have two small children and really don't feel comfortable with my chest falling out of my clothing. I really don't want to spend all summer wearing baggy T-shirts and jogging pants.

If anyone knows of a place that sells MODEST maternity clothes please let me know. Remember, I want to bend over without worrying about showing what kind of bra I have on to the world.

Addicted to the Due Date Predictor

I am one of those people who just can't remember what week of pregnancy I am in. People always ask and I think that I have been saying "13 weeks" for the past month. I should be a veteran by now. This is, after all, my third child.

I am doing better. For the first time I know the exact date of the first day of my last period. The only reason why I know that is because I wrote to my husband in an email dated December 16 warning him that I just started my period. For once I know the exact date of something and proudly tell my doctors. They must think that I really keep up with that sort of thing.

So at least I have one exact date. Every week or so I go to and put in the first day of my last period to figure out which week I am on. Congratulations! I am on my 16th week of pregnancy. I have been telling everyone 14 weeks.

I still feel horrible and am extremely hungry. This baby has a huge appetite. The doctors think the due date of September 22 might be wrong. …