Pickles and Oranges

I am having weird cravings for pickles and oranges now. I wonder what that means?

I have hit the 37th week now so officially, my baby is full term. I still want the baby to "cook" a little while longer.

My baby has dropped and I feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. The pressure is painful. He is also a very active baby, especially at night. That is not a good thing. My son also was very active at night and he ended up staying up all night crying the first three months of his life.

My nesting instincts have kicked big time. That is very difficult when you can't walk. I want to clean everything. I am just unhappy with my home. The slightest speck of dirt is driving me crazy, but I am making myself stay off of my feet as much as possible. I really don't want to injure myself any worse than I have.

My mother will kill me, but I admit to cooking lunch and washing the dishes today. I just couldn't stand it anymore!! I was tired of eating fast food and seeing dishes all over the counter.

WELL, yay! It is 1:30 AM and I ACTUALLY feel tired. I will take advantage of this and go to bed!!


Pregnancy said…
This is with reference to pregnancy. She is in her 37th week of pregnancy, feels painful to her at nights. For pregnant womens its very difficult for them to walk, clean their home, because dirt would be occupied everywhere in the house. Its my kind request and advice to the one who are pregnant to take bed rest.

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