Is Pitocin Really that Bad?

Tuesday is the day I will be induced. I will go into the hospital at 5AM. I will be induced using pitocin.

This will be my third time being induced using pitocin. I was induced with my daughter because I was overdue and was not contracting properly on my own. I was also not dilating. My water broke with my son at 38 weeks. I never started labor, so I was given pitocin to start the labor and had my son a few hours later.

As I wrote before, pitocin is really oxytocin, a hormone that your body naturally creates when in labor, or when having an orgasm.

I have heard many horror stories about pitocin. I know that everybody responds differently to the hormone. Some people have terrible labors with little rest between contractions. Some do not have strong enough contractions. I have heard about women given pitocin that had labor for two days and talked through most of their contractions.

My experience so far has not been bad. It regulated my contractions better and really helped me start my labor. Both times I used it, I had my babies after 6 hours. The only problem I had with my daughter was a reaction to pain medication I took. The experience with my son was easy. The contractions did not get too bad until after three hours. I was given an epidural 45 minutes later.

Some interesting articles:
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Please share your induction stories!!


APRIL said…
I was in labor for about 20 hours. In at about 7am, Dr. tried to break my water about 7:30. Noticed a dripping sensation about 8:00 (Nurse: yes, I think that might be your water [not too convincing, but I knew]). I think they started the IV with pitocin sometime between 7:30 and 8:00, but I don't remember. My labor was so long because my body just wasn't keeping consistant contractions. But I'm planning on doing it again (only I'm hoping it's shorter this time) as long as my body and the Dr. go along with my plans. But the doctor seemed okay with the idea when I talked to him about being induced when I was about 16 weeks!
Latina_Caliente said…
Oh no! Not ever again!!! With my 1st, I labored for 19 hours and 49 minutes. All without pain medication, all on my own.

With my 2nd, whoa! What a difference. As you know, I was induced early because of various problems. In the beginning, the pitocin was nothing that I couldn't handle...until my water broke. They became BAD. Still, I was able to manage ok, and still walk and talk. I stalled for 5 hours at 3cm, and the doctor pumped it all the way up. My contractions were 60 seconds long, and only 30 seconds in between.

Next time, I hope to go into labor on my own and not need pitocin.

Good luck tomorrow! I"ll be thinking of you. Call me when it's over.

(((((HUGS))))) and kisses!!!
SJ said…
Wow! Tommorow is the big day! Hoping you have a good delivery and my thoughts and prayers will be with you.
APRIL said…
I just realized that today is Wednesday and you were going to be induced yesterday!

I hope everything went well!

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