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Is Pitocin Really that Bad?

Tuesday is the day I will be induced. I will go into the hospital at 5AM. I will be induced using pitocin.

This will be my third time being induced using pitocin. I was induced with my daughter because I was overdue and was not contracting properly on my own. I was also not dilating. My water broke with my son at 38 weeks. I never started labor, so I was given pitocin to start the labor and had my son a few hours later.

As I wrote before, pitocin is really oxytocin, a hormone that your body naturally creates when in labor, or when having an orgasm.

I have heard many horror stories about pitocin. I know that everybody responds differently to the hormone. Some people have terrible labors with little rest between contractions. Some do not have strong enough contractions. I have heard about women given pitocin that had labor for two days and talked through most of their contractions.

My experience so far has not been bad. It regulated my contractions better and really helped me start my l…

Oxytocin and Natural Labor Inducement

Oxytocin is a hormone released during labor. It has many uses:

1. Causes milk to be "let down" when nursing
2. Causes uterine contractions and cervix dilation. It also causes those painful cramps when you nurse your baby the first week or so.
3. It is secreted during orgasm or nipple stimulation or even during a romantic massage
4. Reduces anxiety and increases tolerance to pain
5. It is sold as pitocin (I didn't know that before)

That is why when you are having pain caused by pregnancy, a romantic massage does relieve the tension. It is also the reason for the rumor that intercourse causes labor to start. (I still don't believe it though, and no I won't try it)So I guess our husbands are our natural pain relievers and labor inducers. They are needed during labor after all!! They can not only be our coaches, but they can give us hugs and rubs during the tense times of labor.

I would like to hear comments from people who know more about oxytocin and know mor…

Menstrual Like Cramps in the Ninth Month

For the past three days I have had menstrual like cramps. These cramps are the worst I have ever had. They disappointed me because I had no contractions afterwards. I refuse to take tylenol at this point because I heard that pain medication can inhibit labor. I am insane I know!

I asked around what to do to relieve the cramping and of course the best advice came from my sister-in- law. She suggested I soak in a warm bath. If they go away they are nothing. If it is true labor, the bath will help labor intensify more quickly.

I also tried walking, which helped me and of course, a massage.

The cramps are gone for now and I feel much better. Going to physical therapy also helped relieve the tension and cramping.

Mucus Plug

What the heck is it? Does losing it mean that labor is hours away?

The mucus plug is a build up of secretions on the opening of the cervix that protect the uterus and baby from infection. Usually sometime in the ninth month you lose this mucus plug because the cervix is dilating. The mucus plug is a gooey substance that looks a little like gelatin. Sometimes you find it in your clothes, sometimes after wiping when using the bathroom. It kind of looks like a plug.

To be honest, this is the only pregnancy where I noticed that I lost the mucus plug. Quite often you can lose the mucus plug gradually and it seems more like a heavy discharge. Sometimes it has blood in it, sometimes it is clear.

The bad news is that it doesn't exactly mean that labor is hours away. You can have at least two more weeks to go!

It is strange that I looked up a lot of information on "mucus plug" but found it beneficial to read message boards on the topic and read what other women went through. Some …

Signs of Labor Checklist

1. Dropping: Check. I feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. At my last check up the midwife confirmed that the head was very low.
2.Frequent Urination: Check.
3. Low Back Ache: Check Check! I had to take medication, the pain was so bad.
4.Stronger Braxton Hicks Contractions: Check. Though there is still no regularity.
5. Diarrhea: No. In fact, I am constipated. For once in my life I am wishing to have diarhhea. Can you believe that?
6.Increased Vaginal Dischage: Check
7. Passing of Mucus Plug: Check, with not a lot of blood
8. Water Breaking: Well, I am still at home am I? So no.

I was almost 3 centimeters dilated at my last check up as well. I also feel nauseous and have the worst menstural like cramps. WHY ISN"T ANYTHING HAPPENING THEN????

I gave up timing my Braxton Hicks Contractions. I just live life like normal. I was not meant to have a baby early I guess. This boy needs to grow a little bit more.

List from

38 Weeks

Well, nothing yet. I am almost 3 centimeters but not soft enough to be induced. No regular contractions, though I am crampy. I am scheduled to be induced next Tuesday. Sorry I am not writing too much. It is difficult for me to get in the mood to write about pregnancy. I am too busy getting angry at the news for showing John Mark Karr's every move. I'd rather see a war or something. Now I am watching a documentary on the Emperor Trajan. That is how I survive the final month of pregnancy. I obsess over politics. During my son's birth we were in an election year at least. I think this year I will obsess over ancient Rome. Those Romans were crazy!

My baby is falling out!!

One thing that I haven't read anywhere about the third of fourth pregnancy is how differently you carry the baby by the ninth month. This time I feel like someone lodged a bowling ball in between my legs. It is the oddest feeling in the world. I feel like I am walking on my baby's head! This is not how I felt with the other pregnancies. Sure I felt pelvic pressure, but never this low!! I can hardly walk. If I take to wide of a step I feel that pressure and it feels unnatural. I called my doctor and was told that was normal if you have had more than two pregnancies. Your body doesn't hold the baby as high anymore causing that bowling ball in a bag feeling.

Ways to prevent that from happening: kegel exercises and yoga! Good physical therapy also works.

Pickles and Oranges

I am having weird cravings for pickles and oranges now. I wonder what that means?

I have hit the 37th week now so officially, my baby is full term. I still want the baby to "cook" a little while longer.

My baby has dropped and I feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. The pressure is painful. He is also a very active baby, especially at night. That is not a good thing. My son also was very active at night and he ended up staying up all night crying the first three months of his life.

My nesting instincts have kicked big time. That is very difficult when you can't walk. I want to clean everything. I am just unhappy with my home. The slightest speck of dirt is driving me crazy, but I am making myself stay off of my feet as much as possible. I really don't want to injure myself any worse than I have.

My mother will kill me, but I admit to cooking lunch and washing the dishes today. I just couldn't stand it anymore!! I was tired of eating fast food and seei…

36 Weeks

Well, the baby has dropped. I feel it too. Today I felt like the baby was going to fall out! I had no contractions, but the babies head caused enough pain.

I had an ultrasound. They say the baby is around 6 pounds which is normal for this time of development. I have also not dialated yet! Not even close! That is normal for me however. I don't dialate on my own very well.

So, things are moving along. I will PROBABLY be induced in two weeks.

My Stroller and Pre-School

I finally got my stroller. We are very happy with it. I got the Combi Savona Travel System. It is better than the ones I tested at Baby's R Us. It is light and easy to maneuver. I tested it out on my 2 year old son and he loved it. We ordered it from Chit Chat We are happy with Chit Chat and Albee Both gave us quick service and charged no shipping. They also offered the lowest prices.

I was able to get my daughter into a good pre-school!! At first there was no openings but yesterday we were informed that an opening came up. There is no free pre-school in Tennesse except for special programs that I do not qualify for, but spending the money is worth it. My daughter is excited. I will have two days a week to only have two babies in the house. So everyone is happy.

Daddies Get Depressed Too

My sister-in-law sent me this article about dads getting postpartum depression.
Click here to read it.

I hope my husband reads this because I think he is already suffering from depression. He is not used to me needing his help. He is used to having his meals on the table and others taking care of him. For the first time in a while, he has to care for someone else. It is scary and overwhelming for him. I guess he would never survive pregnancy. I wonder if men had babies if the post partum depression rate would be higher.

Ice Pack Day

My body is unusually hot 24/7. It doesn't help that the temperature is near 100.

I went to my physical therapy today and boy did I need it. I somehow hurt my right side under my hip and had trouble even sitting. The pillow between my legs did not help much at all. Well, the therapist fixed it and I feel so much better. The only problem is that now my left side is hurting! I can't win!

At therapy, I got unusally hot. I usually stay cool in that room but I burned up today. The therapist had to put ice packs on me to cool me down. She suggested that when at home and when I feel overheated to wrap a towel around some frozen vegetables and put it on my neck. Another thing she suggested was to put my feet in cold water.

At home, after my afternoon nap, I woke up feeling like I woke up outside. I was super hot!! I put my ice pack on my neck and drank cold water but could not cool down. I felt like I was going to go insane. I was mean and snappy.

My poor kids! My son doesn't se…

Take the Heat Seriously!!!

Reading this article reminded me how careful pregnant women need to be in this heat.

"She was treated for heat exhaustion, but her husband says the heat had nothing to do with her death. 29-year-old Denise Quickenton of Schenectady was seven months pregnant with her first child. She died Saturday after collapsing at Fenway Park.

Tuesday night, her husband sat down with NEWS10's Alyssa Van Wie and shared the details of what he says really happened.

"This had nothing to do with the heat," says Todd Quickenton, Denise's husband. "It had to do with a pre-existing condition that we were unaware of."

Todd does not want people to think that enjoying a baseball game in the sun is what killed his wife, Denise.

Rooting for the Red Sox was their favorite past-time.

"We could have taken extravagant vacations or something like that, but we chose to go to games," Todd says.

Denise died during Saturday's game, just as the pair moved to the concourse at Fenway…

My Prayers have been Answered

I think my prayers (and maybe that of my mother's) have been answered. I have been increasingly worried about having a third child under the age of 5 and doing it on my own. I try hard not to panic.

One thing that freaks me out is to bring three small children to church by myself. My husband goes to another church so I go alone. I really want my children to go to church , but I wonder how on earth I could handle it!

Then today the Young Women's president told me that the Young Women have decided to offer to help me with the kids during sacrament. Every Sunday, one of the girls will sit with me and help me juggle the children. Also, my wonderful visiting teacher was called to be the Relief Society president today. I am very excited about that. She knows me very well and my situation and a highly organized lady. I guess my patience has paid off and I see that how even though it is stressful to go to church with small children, you do receive great blessings. You go to church beca…

Hip Pain and Church

This is the first pregnancy when I have suffered from hip pain. In the past, my pain was always in my tailbone or in the pelvic area. The hip pain is terrible and, of course, getting worse everyday the baby grows larger.

The physical therapy helps a lot. In my therapy I get a deep tissue massage and do some light yoga. I am now able to walk and get at least a couple of days of relief. However, the baby grows and changes position, so my pain comes back.

I have trouble doing activities that require bending and too much standing. Washing the dishes and doing laundry aggravate my pain. I try to relieve it by lying down with a pillow between my legs. Taking a nap for some reason helps me to relax and feel better too.

I have noticed that going to church really is making my pain intensify. Sitting for three hours on not the softest chairs is quite difficult. I try to stand up and walk around every 15 minutes or so but it still doesn't help. Dragging two kids 4 and 2 also doesn't help…

I think I am sick

This has been a very hot week. I have had trouble staying cool. This morning I woke up freezing. I still am. I actually have a blanket wrapped around me. Now I can't keep warm. I also feel real light headed and dizzy. Folks, believe it or not, I don't think this is pregnancy related. I think I actually have some kind of illness. Luckily it is Saturday, so my husband can take the kids out and let me rest. I wonder if that is the true reason why I have been so nervous. Maybe it wasn't hormones or discomfort at all.

I will have to keep a close eye on it and make sure I don't get too sick. I only have a month to go. I can survive. I know I can.

Thank You Husband

All day long all I could think was, "Boy am I glad my husband works at home!" Before you think I am bragging, remember I am a former military wife so I had to parent these children by myself most of my four and a half years of being a mother. This time my husband is at home 24/7 telecommuting.

Sometimes having my husband here 24/7 is annoying. Any marriage would suffer from being around their spouse too much. However, right now I see it as a great blessing. I have a few more weeks left in my pregnancy in one of the hottest summers in years. I am tired, in pain, and have no more patience. I just can't be the greatest mother right now. I don't know what I'd do without my husband here to take over the kids when things get overwhelming.

As you have probably already read, I have terrible, terrible nights. A lot of times I am in tremendous pain, or suffer from restless legs syndrome. In the mornings I am out of it. My husband takes over in the mornings and feeds and dr…

Combi Play Yard

I got my Combi Play Yard today. I am so excited about it and got exactly what I wanted. It has a changing table and a removable bassinet that I can use for the baby's bed. The bassinet is very sturdy and is like those bassinets that usually cost $100 by themselves. The Travel Play Yard has wheels on it so I can easily move it. The bassinet has vibrations and music. I also love that it has an organizer on the side. I got the removable bassinet with the play yard for $99. We ordered it from and got free shipping. It was shipped in two days. We are happy with the service and real happy with the new Combi Play Yard. I hope my baby loves it as well!! We are still waiting for our stroller and hope to get it soon.

A Venting Moment

I just want to say that during the final month of pregnancy I hate being in public. I want to choke the Walmart stock boy who seems to always pull his stupid cart behind me. It is like the stock boy takes his cart and follows me where ever I go expecting ME the customer to move!!! Does he not see the enormous stomach I have? Does he not see that I have trouble walking?? Does Walmart even hire gentlemen?

I hate lines at restaurants, especially if I just walked in from the 100 degree heat.

I really hate it when kids run down the hallways without looking up and come close to hitting me in the stomach. I will yell at that child! Sorry if that offends you mothers out there.

I will honk you if at the green light you sit there as if you are admiring the tint of green on the light. Be lucky I am Christian because otherwise there might be some obscene gestures too.

I especially hate it when driving 65 on a 55 and some redneck in his gigantic red truck still feels like I am still going to slow a…

Husband's Guide to Surviving the Ninth Month

I remember when working for AT&T, a lady called in about long distance phone calls that she had made. She demanded that the calls be taken off her bill because the rates were too high. The representative told her that he was unable to take the charges off. She then told the guy that she was about to give birth and screamed and cried and told the representative that he was causing her to go into labor. What she didn't know was that the representative had put her on speaker phone. We all heard her screaming at the top of her lungs.

I didn't laugh. That ninth month of pregnancy makes women do crazy things. My husband is learning that quickly. He is learning that it is plain stupid to even argue with me at this point.

I become a mean harpy my last month of pregnancy. I am impatient and ready for the attack. I can control a lot my mouth most of the time, but I know of women who did not control their mouths at all. I came close to yelling at a lady for ordering a plain hamburger …

Heartburn and Pregnancy

I can't think of one pregnant woman who did not suffer from heartburn at some point. Tums with calcium is the most recommended remedy for relief. Other ways to prevent heartburn is to avoid greasy, fried, and fatty foods. Eating earlier in the evening and sleeping propped up is another way to avoid heartburn. I have also read that ginger root is real good. Since fuzzy sodas can cause heartburn to get worse, I do not know if ginger ale will get rid of heartburn though it does relieve nausea. Caffeine and chocolate also aggravate heartburn. I just ate a chocolate ice cream sandwhich so I can say that I am suffering right now. Milk does not help heartburn. Avoiding stress is also another way to help, but with two small children, I don't know how I can avoid that.
If you know of any other remedy PLEASE share it (I beg of you!!!!!!!!!)

Birth Plan

About 34 weeks is a good time to make a birth plan according to the pregnancy websites and magazines. I can honestly say that I have never made a plan. I guess I am not too picky. I have never been to child birth classes and never experimented with different methods. I just show up, say that I don't want pain medication but will have an epidural if I need it and that I want the baby washed before I hold him. I also don't liked to be touched except to have someone massage my back if I need it. I even usually hold my own legs when I push. That is with the epidural.

Everyone is different. But one thing I learned is that you can't be disappointed if you don't make too detailed of a birth plan. I just plan to have my baby and hope things go well. Having an epidural or learning a birthing method does not make you a better or worse mother. Planning to bottle feed also does not make you a bad mother. There is no one way to have and raise a baby. As long as the baby is health…

We bought it all!!

I am real excited! We finally bought almost everything we need for the new baby. I just need diapers, bottles, and winter baby clothing. Last night we bought a Combi Travel System stroller and a Combi play pen complete with bassinet. I am real excited about it. We found low prices by putting the products we wanted in, a comparison shopper. I was able to save $50 as I was going to buy the product at Target or Walmart. Those companies charge shipping and made me buy a part seperately. I was able to find the products from a reputable online seller, that offered free shipping and sold the stroller/car seat as a package. I am real happy about that!

Prune Juice and other Constipation Remedies

Constipation can be a terrible thing to go through during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. One thing that has worked wonderfully for me to keep me regular and my digestive system healthy is a half a glass of prune juice in the mornings. I feel so much better and I do not have so much pressure and constipation all day. Less pressure means less back pain for me. Prunes are also high in iron and are a great supplement if you are anemic or low on iron. Another great reason to drink a little prune juice in the morning. Because it is summer and very hot, I make sure I drink lots of water which also helps.

Other recommendations include apples and pears. Try to find fresh squeezed apple juice. For severe constipation, my doctor recommends milk of magnesia. That helps a lot. After having a baby, the doctors usually give you a stool softener as constipation is common after giving birth. The stool softeners did not help me too much, so drinking lots of water and a half a glass of…

Hospital Visit 7/30/06

Saturday night I was preparing for church the next day. I took my long nightly shower to relax my back and was ready to sleep. I was unable to sleep however because I had severe back pain. I could not lie down, I could not stand up, and I could not sit. Everything hurt. The pain was so bad that I was in tears. After a while my legs got nervous and felt like matches were lighting under my skin. I tried tylenol, exercise, baths, and water. Nothing go trid of the pain. Finally at 6AM I literally passed out on my bath from exhaustion. I woke up an hour later and called my doctor. I was sent to the hospital where I was given a pain pill. My back finally felt more relaxed and I could lie down comfortably. My husband took me to my mother's so I could get extra help with the kids, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. I took an ambien and slept real well without worrying too much about the kids. I even had heartburn, but because of the ambien, I was able to sleep through it. Ambien did not c…