Leg Cramps

Last night I woke up in tremendous pain. I had one of those awful leg cramps that plague me during the third trimester. I felt like a shark was biting my leg! I tried hitting it. I rubbed it, and finally I just screamed. It went away after a couple of minutes, but I am still sore. I can't point my toe in fear that it will tense up again. I know it is nothing because I have had them before. I think with Victoria I had them the worst.

I also have a lot of pelvic pressure, but no contractions. I called the doctor and she said that I should be fine. I go Wednesday to the doctor and tomorrow to the physical therapist. I will be taken good care of the next month.

I found my bouncy seat and my swing at my mom's house over the weekend. I also found some nice clothes for little boys, and some little baby shoes. I still have a lot of organizing to do in my apartment. I have no idea where I will fit all of my baby things.

I have already started nesting. Even with pelvic pain and pressure and crampy legs, I cleaned out my kids' closet while sitting on my rolling computer chair. I still have a long way to go!!


melissaclee said…
The day I went into labour I woke up at like 5 in the morning to clean the bathroom.

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