The Last Month

Since I am nearing my last month of pregnancy, I will try to post everyday. A lot happens the last month and I really want to document what I went through and how I prepared for the new arrival.

Right now my daughter is going through my son's old baby clothes. I still haven't washed them or the toys. My husband ordered some detergent online three weeks ago and we still haven't got it. We also haven't received our bulk order of size four diapers for my son either and we are quickly running out of diapers. I really don't want to use Tide for the baby stuff. Tide makes me itch so I can't imagine what it would do to the baby.

I still need to buy a stroller, a rocking chair, a place to store baby clothes, and some nursing gowns and clothes. My husband and I also really want to buy a new mattress.

I went to physical therapy today. I was in pain most of my session. The therapist told me to rest because she thinks I overdid it last week. My hips were in pretty bad shape. I tried a few exercises and I am required to do 100 kegels a day. WOW!


APRIL said…
Just found your blog....

I don't know what laundry detergent you use, but my daughter has eczema. Her dermatologist suggested using ALL Free Clear and she doesn't have itchy skin like she did when I was using Dreft (I'm not sure if that was a trigger, but this detergent is supposed to be good for sensitive skin! I'm planning on using it with our upcoming baby.)

BTW, I'm 22 weeks and wishing I was as close to my due date as you are!
ambarwarrior said…
Hey thanks! I can only use All Free Clear myself, so I will just use that for the baby.

Good luck!

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