Husbands Say the Darndest Things

Husbands just don't understand pregnancy. They don't get and sometimes say the silliest things. I am patient with those weird comments up until the last month, and now to be honest I don't have patience anymore!! Here are some weird comments that really annoy me. Remember, I am in my last month, so what annoys me may not annoy the average person. Also, because of my bad back, I can't do a lot of things in the house so my husband who is from a very macho culture has to help out more. He also works at home telecommuting for an internet company. He helps out a lot and I thank him, but some of the comments annoy me and at the same time make me laugh.

1. "But I hate to do dishes" (like I LOVE doing them!)
2. "I don't know how to cook hamburger helper" (read the box!)
3. "Why did you stay up all night? You need to go to bed."
4. "You clean up better than I do"
5. "It is not hot. Turn down the air conditioner."
6."What is for supper?" (after telling him 3 times that I can't cook tonight because I feel so sick)
7. (from across the hall) "Jon pooped!!" (well aren't you right there??)
8. "There are a lot of dishes in the sink"

I know I must sound mean. I am trying to laugh more and not get so impatient. What are some annoying things your husbands say when you were pregnant? Bless them though!!


melissaclee said…
That is so funny! I really enjoy reading this blog, are you still going to write in it after the baby is born?
ambarwarrior said…
Sure, I'll find a way. Maybe I can write about baby products and my experience with them and title it "the fourth trimester".

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