Don't Leave Home Without Them!!

One thing I learned the hard way about the third trimester of pregnancy. . . don't leave home without your Tums!! I have had really bad heartburn and twice was stuck out without my precious, precious Tums. Oh, the agony of heartburn!

I have heard an old wives' tale that a lot of heartburn means you will have a hairy baby. That has been true for me in the past. I will be expecting a boy with a full head of hair this September!


Latina_Caliente said…
If that's true, Maddy would be a monkey because I had severe heartburn with her.

I had to sleep sitting up. Tums couldn't even save me! =(
melissaclee said…
So true! There were so many times I was at school and I forgot to bring my Tums with me. I ended up keeping a ziploc bag of tums in my back pack.

But with all the Tums I took My baby doesn't have much hair.
ambarwarrior said…
ha ha ha!! No, the old wives tale didnt apply to her!

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