Confessions of a Pregnant Caffeine Addict

I know many people say that you should not have caffeine. But OH how it makes my day go by easier. I only drink caffeinated sodas, iced down, three or four times a week. I am 31 weeks pregnant with two small children and have no energy. I felt guilty but to relieve the guilt I found out that it would take over 20 cups of Pepsi a day to cause problems for a baby. I think that would damage me as well. One piece of advice though; caffeine does dehydrate you, bad thing for the summer. I make sure to drink extra water on the days I drink a soda. Too much caffeine can also aggravate restless legs syndrome and cause bladder problems. I have had both (still have restless legs syndrome) so I really try to drink plenty of water. I notice a banana helps too. Cranberry juice does nothing to help.

Yes, I am bad. I even know what to do to allow myself to drink a soda every once in a while. It is a bad habit, but it helps me get through those days that I can't stand the mess anymore!! (I think I am nesting early this time)


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