34 Weeks Check Up

Today I went to the doctor for my 34 weeks check up. I was able to walk to my appointment this time which pleased my doctor. My belly measured perfect and the baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. The only scary moment came when my midwife ran out of the room quickly after checking the baby's heartbeat. I was scared for a couple of minutes wondering what was wrong. Usually a doctor only runs out when something is wrong and they need to discuss the problem with another doctor before telling you the bad news. Two minutes felt like an eternity before my midwife returned with a bag of ambien samples. I was too relieved and in shock to complain.

I will get another ultrasound in two weeks to see if I can be induced.

I did my exercises only once today mainly because it hurt too bad to sit down. The stretches really helped out. I have to do the yoga pose called the cat and hip rotations. After doing those poses I feel like I had a massage. I also take a hot shower before going to bed to relax my muscles. It really seems to be helping.

I noticed that I cannot shop for more than 10 minutes. I either need to sit and eat or go home. I really lose my patience to the point of crying. I can't stand when people walk in my way and those bright lights make me want to faint. I almost always start to black out and get dizzy. my husband doesn't understand it, but maybe I should attach a 20 pound weight to his stomach and make him walk around. I am sure he will black out too.

I didn't gain any weight in two weeks. I wonder if walking around in the heat is the reason why. My stomach feels so tight that I get full fast too.

I did too much today and paid for it. I had to lie down and nap for about two hours before I felt half way normal again. Thankfully my kids were good.

Well, 4-6 more weeks to go!!


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