32 Weeks Gone by Slowly

I finally have reached 32 weeks out of breath and ready to give up! My body has finally given up and my ligaments have given out. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk, and it even hurts to lie down. I also notice that my blood pressure has gone up slightly (but still way below 140).

I still have two other kids to raise, so I have learned to be creative. My four year daughter and two year old son help me unload the dishwasher. They bend over and pick up the dishes, and I can then easily put them away. My daughter swiffers the floors. It is a lot of fun for her! I can't bend over and pick things up so I roll around in my computer chair and my kids pick things off of the floor and I put them up. My husband does all of the hard stuff like vacuuming and making beds. Now he has to do groceries and some cooking. We cook instant meals like hamburger helper or frozen stir fry meal in the bags. I also have back up food in the freezer to thaw out and cook. I sometimes still feel rested enough to cook simple meals like spaghetti and some soups.

I am also creative on how I keep the kids busy. I still teach them pre-school at home. I also take them outside to play while I sit in my beach chair. I hate this show, but I let them watch Barney because he teaches them fun games to play together like "Ring Around the Rosies" and "Looby Loo".

That is the hardest thing about being pregnant with other small children. You don't get the luxury of sleeping all day or resting. I still have to care for the others and not make them feel left out. Thank goodness for my creative brain or else I would lose my mind!!

I would appreciate other ideas!! Please post some ways to juggle being almost in bed rest and raising small children. I think keeping a clean house is out of the question now!


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