I Guess I Am A Redneck Cook

I am always looking for ideas on what to feed my picky children. If I had my way I would eat gourmet meals but grew tired of the chants of "ewww gross!". So I get a book on family meals and almost every one of the meals looks gross. I look online for healthy family meals and again everything looks disgusting. I guess I prefer the fake redneck food.

Part of it comes from the fact I had a meat and potatoes dad and four brothers who would protest worse than any of those occupiers on Wall Street if my mother dared to serve us "health foods". Organic food crap didn't exist, no seafood (I didn't discover that was a good thing until Prom Night), and squash and pumpkin were forbidden. I remember a certain relative throwing a fit over eating zucchini when I was real small. (I will let you guess who it was!)

Part of it is because in my family we were taught to question everything. I think that is why one of us got into nutrition and the other is a scientist. This has…

Post Partum Illness

The main reason why I was unable to write is because I caught a terrible cold. It was one of those colds that last for two weeks. It started with a sore throat, then chills, then a runny nose, and finally the worst part, the cough. The cough part lasts the longest unfortunately. So, I was exhausted from staying up all night with my newborn, sore from just giving birth, and hacking my lungs out all at the same time. I didn't get out much. I think of it as God's way of making me slow down and recover from child birth.

Just as the coughing was beginning to stop, I caught the stomach virus. I did not throw up, but had trouble the other way if you know what I mean. Then my son sat in my bed one morning crying and then threw up right next to me. My husband happened to be at the gym. I think I had three hours sleep the night before being up with Aron. I gave up by then. Cleaned up my two year old, washed my sheets, then back to my feeding, burping, pooping routine with my newborn. M…

Birth Story

Sorry it took a while to write again in my blog!! I took a maternity leave!

At about 9 PM my parents arrived to stay the night at my house to watch my older kids. It was difficult to go to sleep that night. I was scheduled to be induced at 5AM. I was also not allowed to take any medicine so I knew I would have a hard time going to sleep. At 10 PM I ate my last meal, chicken stir fry and talked to my parents until 11 PM. I then laid in the bed until I fell asleep. At 4:30 I woke up to go to the bathroom and then got ready to go.

At 4:45 AM my husband woke up and then we left to go to my scheduled inducement. It was strange driving so early in the morning. The construction workers were out fixing the road and there was no traffic. Only the Steak N Shake was open.

We finally arrived on time at 5AM. The nurses started my anti-biotics for the Strep immediately. My contractions were good but were not in any order. I went to sleep until 7AM when they began the pitocin.

At first the contractio…

Is Pitocin Really that Bad?

Tuesday is the day I will be induced. I will go into the hospital at 5AM. I will be induced using pitocin.

This will be my third time being induced using pitocin. I was induced with my daughter because I was overdue and was not contracting properly on my own. I was also not dilating. My water broke with my son at 38 weeks. I never started labor, so I was given pitocin to start the labor and had my son a few hours later.

As I wrote before, pitocin is really oxytocin, a hormone that your body naturally creates when in labor, or when having an orgasm.

I have heard many horror stories about pitocin. I know that everybody responds differently to the hormone. Some people have terrible labors with little rest between contractions. Some do not have strong enough contractions. I have heard about women given pitocin that had labor for two days and talked through most of their contractions.

My experience so far has not been bad. It regulated my contractions better and really helped me start my l…

Oxytocin and Natural Labor Inducement

Oxytocin is a hormone released during labor. It has many uses:

1. Causes milk to be "let down" when nursing
2. Causes uterine contractions and cervix dilation. It also causes those painful cramps when you nurse your baby the first week or so.
3. It is secreted during orgasm or nipple stimulation or even during a romantic massage
4. Reduces anxiety and increases tolerance to pain
5. It is sold as pitocin (I didn't know that before)

That is why when you are having pain caused by pregnancy, a romantic massage does relieve the tension. It is also the reason for the rumor that intercourse causes labor to start. (I still don't believe it though, and no I won't try it)So I guess our husbands are our natural pain relievers and labor inducers. They are needed during labor after all!! They can not only be our coaches, but they can give us hugs and rubs during the tense times of labor.

I would like to hear comments from people who know more about oxytocin and know mor…

Menstrual Like Cramps in the Ninth Month

For the past three days I have had menstrual like cramps. These cramps are the worst I have ever had. They disappointed me because I had no contractions afterwards. I refuse to take tylenol at this point because I heard that pain medication can inhibit labor. I am insane I know!

I asked around what to do to relieve the cramping and of course the best advice came from my sister-in- law. She suggested I soak in a warm bath. If they go away they are nothing. If it is true labor, the bath will help labor intensify more quickly.

I also tried walking, which helped me and of course, a massage.

The cramps are gone for now and I feel much better. Going to physical therapy also helped relieve the tension and cramping.

Mucus Plug

What the heck is it? Does losing it mean that labor is hours away?

The mucus plug is a build up of secretions on the opening of the cervix that protect the uterus and baby from infection. Usually sometime in the ninth month you lose this mucus plug because the cervix is dilating. The mucus plug is a gooey substance that looks a little like gelatin. Sometimes you find it in your clothes, sometimes after wiping when using the bathroom. It kind of looks like a plug.

To be honest, this is the only pregnancy where I noticed that I lost the mucus plug. Quite often you can lose the mucus plug gradually and it seems more like a heavy discharge. Sometimes it has blood in it, sometimes it is clear.

The bad news is that it doesn't exactly mean that labor is hours away. You can have at least two more weeks to go!

It is strange that I looked up a lot of information on "mucus plug" but found it beneficial to read message boards on the topic and read what other women went through. Some …

Signs of Labor Checklist

1. Dropping: Check. I feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. At my last check up the midwife confirmed that the head was very low.
2.Frequent Urination: Check.
3. Low Back Ache: Check Check! I had to take medication, the pain was so bad.
4.Stronger Braxton Hicks Contractions: Check. Though there is still no regularity.
5. Diarrhea: No. In fact, I am constipated. For once in my life I am wishing to have diarhhea. Can you believe that?
6.Increased Vaginal Dischage: Check
7. Passing of Mucus Plug: Check, with not a lot of blood
8. Water Breaking: Well, I am still at home am I? So no.

I was almost 3 centimeters dilated at my last check up as well. I also feel nauseous and have the worst menstural like cramps. WHY ISN"T ANYTHING HAPPENING THEN????

I gave up timing my Braxton Hicks Contractions. I just live life like normal. I was not meant to have a baby early I guess. This boy needs to grow a little bit more.

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38 Weeks

Well, nothing yet. I am almost 3 centimeters but not soft enough to be induced. No regular contractions, though I am crampy. I am scheduled to be induced next Tuesday. Sorry I am not writing too much. It is difficult for me to get in the mood to write about pregnancy. I am too busy getting angry at the news for showing John Mark Karr's every move. I'd rather see a war or something. Now I am watching a documentary on the Emperor Trajan. That is how I survive the final month of pregnancy. I obsess over politics. During my son's birth we were in an election year at least. I think this year I will obsess over ancient Rome. Those Romans were crazy!

My baby is falling out!!

One thing that I haven't read anywhere about the third of fourth pregnancy is how differently you carry the baby by the ninth month. This time I feel like someone lodged a bowling ball in between my legs. It is the oddest feeling in the world. I feel like I am walking on my baby's head! This is not how I felt with the other pregnancies. Sure I felt pelvic pressure, but never this low!! I can hardly walk. If I take to wide of a step I feel that pressure and it feels unnatural. I called my doctor and was told that was normal if you have had more than two pregnancies. Your body doesn't hold the baby as high anymore causing that bowling ball in a bag feeling.

Ways to prevent that from happening: kegel exercises and yoga! Good physical therapy also works.